The Dark Art of Putting

February 17, 2011

Putting, we’re told, is a dark art of willpower and focus. But putting has accrued such mystique in large part because the stats are a mess. On Tuesday, I explained how Mark Broadie’s shot value allows us to precisely measure how much putting or driving contribute to a player’s score. A team from MIT has built on Broadie’s work by developing a new putting stat for the PGA Tour called “putts gained per round.” It’s similar to Broadie’s shot value but makes a few different decisions in how to set a benchmark putting standard for pro golfers. Putts gained per round is likely to be the stat that brings “moneygolf” to the masses—if all goes according to plan, it should be part of golf’s television broadcasts starting next season.

via A new stat sheds light on the dark art of putting. – By Michael Agger – Slate Magazine.

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