Video Games Make You Happy, Maybe

February 17, 2011

I’ve known the joy of preparing to qualify, of leveling up with magic mushrooms, of speeding the flight of an angry bird. Yet video games often leave me feeling stale and restless. Shouldn’t I be outgrowing these electronic entanglements? When one of my sons catches me playing a game on my iPhone, I think of the old-school Princeton basketball coach, Pete Carril, who disliked seeing his players eat candy. Here’s the line from a Sports Illustrated profile: “He would wince when he saw a member of his team eating candy. Kids eat candy; he wanted his players to be men, and men drink beer.”

via Halo, Wikipedia, World of Warcraft: How are they good for us? Jane McGonigal explains in Reality is Broken. – By Michael Agger – Slate Magazine.

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